Resident Evil Outbreak (2003) – Review

When this spin-off to the renowned series came out in the early 2000s, it was met with quite some criticism. Journalists and gamers were used to Resi games to be (near) masterpieces during that period.

Who knew that Raccoon City was this big? I always imagined it as a rather small town near the woods of Raccoon Forest. (Source: Screenshot)

The Bad

  • Offline Gameplay
  • Loading Times & UX

The Good

1) Episodic Structure

It says “File #2” here which is the sequel/add-on, but the render portraits are from the original. (Source: Resident Evil Wiki)

Resident Evil Outbreak demonstrates episodic gameplay years before Telltale or Netflix became a thing.

2) The Last Classic Resi

An example of just how atmospheric and great the soundtrack can be.

There’s some retro feeling inside this still great looking retro game, story lines feel like charming fan fiction at times.

3) Innovative Coop Gameplay

The survival aspect in its online context is still innovative. I can also forgive the stupidity of the NPCs when they’re just funny.

So, what are you waiting for? ,-)

There you have it. Three big reasons why Resident Evil Outbreak still has a lot to offer today. If you can get over half-baked NPC helpers and long loading times, you’re in for a surprisingly competent game. Resident Evil veterans owe it to themselves to check this one out.



Looking at art from the decade point of view.

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